Zi-Chun Tea Co. Ltd.
Extraordinary Tea Journey

zichun logo w bottom textWe are pleased to announce the addition to our Gold Sponsorship ranks of Zi-Chun Tea Co. Ltd., an international supplier of high-grade, loose-leaf teas specializing in direct shipping from tea gardens in the main tea growing regions of China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. The company has well established relationships with local tea gardens, tea masters, and other experts in the tea industry in these countries, providing clients with a stable and consistent supply of premium quality specialty teas.

Zi-Chun extensive range of Chinese and Taiwanese teas is particularly impressive, specializing in high mountain oolongs and unique black teas, as well as a large variety of green, white, and black teas, high quality pu-erhs, and other specialty teas.

We were privileged to taste and evaluate 11 of their finest teas, one was better than the next. Our favorites were their Wen Shan Pao Zhong, Li Shan Cui Fong, Red Jade Black No. 18, and 1993 Aged Oolong.

Visit the company’s web site for an extraordinary tea journey: www.zi-chun.com

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