Weng Jia Shan Xihu LongJing

Weng Jia Shan Xihu LongJing

Also know as Dragon Well Tea, Longjing Tea was the only one tea that survives thousands of years and still it is often called the national drink of China and is frequently presented as a National Gift to visiting heads of state. It is also a favorite tea of today’s many top leaders, with a portion of production reserved for them every year.

Longjing Tea is complex and multi-layered with the irresistible combination of warm and creamy mouthfeel, hazel nut notes and searingly spring-freshness. The Longjing tea showed by ViconyTeas was made in the traditional way with tealeaves harvested before Gu Yu (Grain Rain, April 20).

Flavor \taste note: Mellow, delicate with sweet aftertaste
Dried leaves: Greenish, whole flat leaves with sharp edge
Liquor: Green color with luster
Brewed Tealeaves: Green leaves appear to be one bud with one or two leaves

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