Vancouver Training a Huge Success

by Certified Tea Master Sylvana Levesque

vancouver class photo

The American Tea Masters Association was proud to greet a new group of students at its Tea Mastery Certification Course™ held in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in September. The training was a sell-out and consisted of three intensive days with accelerated learning and numerous experiences. It will be followed by the 14-week Tea Mastery Tasting Course starting the following week, which involves home study, tasting and evaluating 38 different teas, and weekly online group conferences to share experiences and ask questions.

The students for the Vancouver training came from all walks of life and businesses. They arrived with their passion for tea, their willingness to learn more, their joy of being the future ambassadors of the finest world teas, their readiness for a life long endeavor in mastering tea, and their commitment to becoming Certified Tea Masters.

Certified Tea Master Sylvana Levesque led the training said, “It was by far one of the most dynamic groups she had the pleasure of being with and sharing her expertise.”

Moreover, the group was blessed by Roy Fong’s presence; the father of Chinese tea in America. He generously shared numerous aspects of his expertise in tea with the class.

The students enjoyed every second of the training where they learned the professional and technical ways of preparing different types of teas according to type, color, and “Terroir.” Their learning combined both the academic as well as the experimental and joyful part of making tea.

They understood the value of becoming a Certified Tea Master and all the possible venues that are open for future work and business opportunities.

“The most interesting aspect of teaching adults is also learning from them.” according to Sylvana, who often tries to compare her students to world teas. Although , during this Vancouver training she faced a big challenge. The students were all as fine as an Imperial harvest. One of the youngest students of the class wanted to deepen the understanding of the word “Pekoe” in the tea world and Sylvana explained the unopened terminal leaf bud (tips) in tea flushes and other references such “down-like white hairs” on the leaf and also to the youngest leaf buds. And suddenly she told the student: Pekoe is like you, the youngest of the class….and since then the student’s name became Lady Pekoe,

As in the Japanese tea ceremonies, Cha No Yu, every gathering is unique and ephemeral and so was this one. One thing for sure, it willl not be forgotten.