Top Rated Imperial Puerh

Tea Evaluation Form

Name: Chas Kroll, ITMA Certified Tea Master
Date: Dec. 29, 2014
Name of Tea: Imperial Puerh
Acquired From: Imperial Tea Court (San Francisco)
Type of Tea: Puerh Black Tea

Description of Tea: unique, custom-produced Imperial Puerh consists entirely of painstakingly hand-crafted tiny, shimmering golden leaf buds, making it one of the world’s rarest and most difficult teas to produce.

Unique Characteristics: When infused the liquor is a deep, golden amber with a rich, supremely full-bodied flavor that is smooth and savory with a hint of cocoa and a deliciously lingering creamy aftertaste. Very supple and harmonious. Clean notes with a very supple texture and an extraordinarily rich mouth-fee and after-tastel. Imperial Puerh improves with age, owing to the specific type of fermentation that affects its tannins.

Cost of Tea: 106.25 per quarter pound.

Imperil Puerh
Before Steeping

Dry Leaf Aroma: Hints of nuts and cocoa
Leaf Dryness/Texture: Very supple, velvety and smooth
Leaf Color: Golden Amber
Leaf Size: 1/4-1/2 inch


Amount of Tea: 1 heaping teaspoon

First Infusion

Water Temperature: 200 F
Steeping Time: 1 Minute
Tea Aroma: Refreshing aroma of nuts and cocoa
Tea Color: Rich amber
Tea Taste: First taste produced a unique and delightful flavor unlike any other tea. It was an extraordinary experience. A richly rewarding velvety mouth-feel and superb after-taste. Clearly the best Puerh I had ever tasted. Definitely a tea to remember and recommend to others.
Tea Rating: 10

Second Infusion

Water Temperature: Same
Steeping Time: Same
Tea Aroma: Same
Tea Color: A deeper shade of amber.
Tea Taste: Same, but deeper and more complex.
Tea Rating: 10

Third Infusion

Water Temperature: Same
Steeping Time: Same
Tea Aroma: Same
Tea Color: Same
Tea Taste: Same
Tea Rating: 10


Personal Experience of the Tea: One of the finest tea experiences I have ever enjoyed. The Puerh is clearly in a class by itself. I literally couldn’t stop drinking it.

Promotional/Marketing Description of the Tea: This Puerh with its exceptional qualities will produce a life-changing experience for any sophisticated tea drinker.

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