ITMA Tea Sommelier Certification Course™

The two-part ITMA Tea Sommelier Certification Course™, a two-month program, contains all of the educational requirements an individual needs for achieving the prestigious ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™ designation, a prestigious title in the tea industry representing a significant level of tea knowledge and expertise. The course holds the high level of focus and support needed to gain the competence and confidence to serve as a tea sommelier at a distinguished restaurant, hotel or tea business, or start one’s own successful enterprise.

Each course is open to 10–12 registrants. The program is designed for and will benefit restaurant and tea business owners and managers, chefs and caterers, tea aficionados, industry suppliers, and others who wish to incorporate tea mastery skills into their current profession, as well as anyone seriously interested in a career as a tea sommelier or tea master.

The beauty of the program is that you can be operating as a tea sommelier following the successful completion of training with all the tools, confidence, and support needed. The program has been designed to make sure that your experience as a new tea sommelier is filled with all the information, knowledge, and support needed to start serving in your role immediately.

The following 9-weeks are focused on integrating and expanding what you learned during the initial 2-day on-site training as you learn to consciously create your expanding practice as a tea sommelier.

Part 1. 2-day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Sommelier Course™ (on-site at a hotel or training venue)

During the 2-day course, you will be totally immersed in an environment of unique and intense accelerated learning and training, along with practice sessions preparing and serving different teas. This is a great way to get started serving as a tea sommelier. You receive all the core skills, structures, tasting protocols, philosophy, and first-hand experience, all at one time.

Part 2. 9-week ITMA Tea Sommelier Tasting Course™ (home study)

The course begins a week after the conclusion of the 2-day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™. This part of the training is focused on integrating and expanding what was learned during the first part. Registrants will be working at home from the ITMA Tea Mastery Tasting Course Training Manual™ with 9 departments, each on a separate variety of tea. They will be provided with two different tea samples corresponding to each chapter, a total of 18 teas, and asked to submit their evaluations in a special online form created for this purpose.

Once the 18 teas have been tasted and properly evaluated, registrants will be asked to taste and evaluate a “Mystery Tea” and attempt to identify it, complete a 4-page dissertation on a topic assigned by ITMA’s management, and take a final examination. Graduates will be honored with the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™ designation and ITMA Certificate of Completion.

Course curriculum can be reviewed here.