Tea Mastery in San Francisco

Roy Fong 5-30-2013ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master Roy Fong led a class of enthusiastic and experienced tea enthusiasts at the ITMA Certified Tea Master Course recently held at the JW Marriott San Francisco Union Square. Roy shared his knowledge, experience, and wisdom with the group during the first part of the program, which involved three days of intensive study and hands-on experiences. The second part of the training is home study tasting and evaluating 24 exquisite teas from various growing regions, followed by three mystery teas, a dissertation, and the last step in the certification process a 25 essay question final examination.

Of particular interest to registrants was Roy’s teaching the use of a Yao Pan, a one-inch deep bamboo tray with an opening at one corner. It is used for determining a tea’s quality.

chaskroll_newITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, ITMA’s Executive Director, led the class during the morning of the third day of training with a discussion on the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness and Meditation, The Art of Envisioning, and The Art of Intentioning, all topics in harmony with starting or expanding a tea business as well as attracting and retaining customers.

image5The afternoon of the third day involved a one-hour drive north of San Francisco to Roy Fong’s tea farm in Esparto, California. Easily defined as Roy’s pride and joy, he has been able to successfully grow over a thousand tea plants in his greenhouse utilizing cuttings and cloning. He plans to replant them in one of his tea fields this coming spring.

Everyone sat down around a table with Roy after the tea farm tour was concluded. It gave the registrants an opportunity to express their gratitude to Roy for what they learned over the past three days and for their their life-changing experience in the training.

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