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Tea is the HOT Beverage among today’s restaurants and foodservice establish- ments.  Its exposure in the media and growing popularity can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Loose-leaf tea is becoming more and more popular among consumers as evidenced by the N.Y. Times’ new Tea Department
  2. Tea offers superior profit margins of 200% to 500%
  3. Tea is not taxed like liquor
  4. Tea’s health benefits are one of its major attractions
  5. Consumers feel virtuous while indulging in something they truly enjoy like tea

The great taste of a perfectly prepared cup of hot tea or glass of iced tea is the driving force behind this resurgence of interest.  Patrons, from young to old, are turning to tea for refreshment, for its health benefits, to pair with a delightful meal, and for pairing with chocolate, cheese, cocktails, and much more.

So, how does one embark upon adding tea to a restaurant menu to compliment its cuisine and attract new customers?

The first thing is knowledge.  After all, to prepare a superior tasting cup of tea requires steeping it in hot water at the perfect temperature and controlling the steeping time.  The same principle is true when preparing iced tea. Overdoing the time or temperature will make the tea bitter.  This expertise can be gained by reading our book, Tea Mastery: Pursuing Your Odyssey Into Tea, and by preparing and evaluating the 38 loose-leaf teas accompanying the book. The book was written by Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, Executive Director of the American Tea Masters Association.


Tea Mastery: Pursuing Your Odyssey Into Tea is much more than just a book. It comes with 38 tea samples for you to prepare, taste, and evaluate according to the protocol used by the American Tea Masters Association. The tea samples are what are called “middle-market” teas, that is, they tend to be the most popular among typical tea drinkers and are priced accordingly.

One of the best ways to master the subject of tea is by mastering the concepts and information in this book. The book covers many of the essential elements you need to know about tea and follows the rigorous curriculum for training and certifying a Certified Tea Master by the American Tea Masters Association.

Tea Mastery: Pursuing Your Odyssey Into Tea was researched and written to support your journey of tea mastery in order for you to become more knowledgeable and properly serve a great cup of tea to the guests at your establishment.


Tea Mastery: Pursuing Your Odyssey Into Tea, plus the tea samples and extra evaluation forms, will be delivered to you in a first-class, attractive black enameled mailing box as shown below.


The second thing is to have someone on-staff who is a professionally certified expert on tea, someone who can answer tea-related consumer questions and has a professional title and designation.  This can be accomplished with our Tea Mastery book and obtaining a Certified Tea Professional designation.

The third thing is for the Certified Tea Professional to create a list of the teas, based on your menu, to add to your inventory.  We can assist with this on a consulting basis.

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$195.00 + S&H

Includes 38 Tea Samples, plus 100 extra Tea Evaluation Forms, and 
the opportunity to become a Certified Tea Professional

(Available in the U.S. and Canada)


The fourth thing is to select a reputable industry supplier for your teas.  We can assist with this as well.  Please keep in mind that we don’t buy or sell teas.  We’re strictly certified educators and trainers, but we are familiar with the most reputable sources at wholesale pricing levels.

The fifth and last thing is to hire us to work with your Certified Tea Profession- al™ to properly train your serving staff to ensure that tea will be prepared for your guests at the peak of their taste.  After all, one happy customer will tell eight to ten others about their wonderful experience at your establishment.

The best part is all of this . . . the Tea Mastery book and tea samples, the Certified Tea Professional designation, the new tea inventory, the recommendation of wholesale suppliers, and the staff training . . . can all be accomplished for under $1,000, allowing you to generate profits almost immediately.

Tea Mastery: Pursuing Your Odyssey into Tea (190 pages)

$195.00 + S&H

Includes 38 Tea Samples, plus 100 extra Tea Evaluation Forms, and the opportunity to become a Certified Tea Professional™

(Available in the U.S. and Canada)


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