Tea Master Training at Onomea Tea Estate

Img_0065Chas Kroll, executive director of the American Tea Masters Association led the initial 3-day portion of the  Tea Mastery Certification Course™ at the Onomea Tea Estate on Hilo, Hawaii.  It was a sensational experience for one and all. The two hosts for the event were magnificent and gracious, and provided a depth of knowledge regarding the unique qualities of Hawaiian tea, 

The Tea Mastery Certification Course™ started on June 24th with the first part of the training, the 3-Day Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™, held on-site at the tea estate.  Over the next three days, Kroll led the class in a thorough, intensive exploration of the many facets of  tea, all while preparing, tasting, and evaluating one exquisite tea after another.

The morning of the third day of training was spent in the tea garden with Onomea’s owners with the class registrants harvesting 15-pounds of tea leaves.  Following picking,  they withered, oxidized, rolled, and dried the leaves, awaiting only to be savored after the training concluded.  It was a full day of learning filled with many special experiences.

Kroll concluded the 3-day onsite training by explaining what was involved in the 14-Week Tea Mastery Tasting Course™ starting the next week involving home study, tasting and evaluating 38 different teas, and online group teleconference sessions to share experiences and ask questions.  Upon completion, students will be asked to taste and evaluate a mystery tea and take a final examination.  Graduates successfully completing the training will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a Certified Tea Master™ lapel pin for their accomplishment.


By Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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