ITMA Certified Tea Master Course
Now Available Online

Our superb, highly acclaimed training for becoming a Certified Tea Master is now available online without leaving your home or office. Previously, it was only available by attending an on-site course at a hotel in California. To date, we have trained and certified 108 enthusiastic registrants.

Please take a look at the Course Details and then the Curriculum. We think you’ll be impressed.

Once you associate the Certified Tea Master title with your name, a number of positive things will happenn, foremost of which will be the attraction of many new customers and a dramatic incease in sales. People you meet, especially your customers, will be so impressed with your becoming an expert on tea that they will want to do business with you. That is because the prestigious title of Certified Tea Master carries with it the qualities of trust and expertise, two of the most impressive qualities people seek when making buying decisions.

So, get onboard. Register today in our ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™ with a $250 Tuition Deposit.

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