Tea Is A Marketing Intensive Business

Most people perceive tea as being an inexpensive business to open and run due to the relatively low cost of tea and its markup of 200% to 500%. They give little to no thought to its marketing requirements. These same astute people overestimate the amount of monthly revenue they will receive and underestimate their expenses. The tragedy is that they don’t realize their downward financial trend for a number of months until it is too late.

Nearly one million new businesses (including tea businesses) are launched in the U.S. every year. In less than three years, in even the best of economic times, 85% of them will fail and close their doors and become heartbreaking statistics and financial losses. This is not what the American Dream is supposed to be.

Running a successful tea business requires possessing exceptional knowledge of the different types of tea and their preparation, reputable sources of supply, and a proven means of attracting and retaining customers, Running a brick-and-mortar tea shop or tea room or an online tea business, or all three, takes solid business savvy, outstanding management skills, and a few tricks of the trade you will learn in our online Tea Masterclass: Start a Successful Tea Business. Click here for Course Details and Enrollment information.

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