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Joy, thank you for such a wonderful visit.  I loved every minute with you, your fabulous staff and in your shop!  Congratulations!  I'ts perfect.
With love, Jane Pettigrew
It is very rare when a simple experience such as high tea surpasses perfection as it did last night at Tea-Upon-Chatsworth.  It was the essence of what is meant by humane & civilized!
William Morefield
The food is incredible!  There's a perfect mix of sweet & savory treats - all very flavorful.  The menu is changed seasonally, so there's always excitement about trying something new that Joy Walsh, the owner, has created.  Great care is given in presentation and service, but not at the expense of the food.  The tea choices are great too.  I hightly recommend this tea shop to all who will listen to me wax about it.  Thanks, Joy, for giving us a tea shop worthy of a name!  We go often and have become regulars.  The staff are great people and take good care of us.  TUC is an oasis in a dry desert of mediocre tea shops (and I've tried them all).
Linda Schweitzer
Absolutely the finest afternoon tea cuisine!  Owner, Joy Walsh has the most brilliantly creative & delicious menus of any tea house!  Better food & tea than places I've visited in Britain!
Julie Dentt
Tea-Upon-Chatsworth is the genuine article when it comes to tea rooms.  It is the most unique and wonderful experience.  Love it!

Lisa Lafko

Joy is without a doubt the best tea hostess in town!  I've had tea around the world and come back time and again with everyone I know to introduce them to the changing menu delicacies and delightful ambiance of this charming tea house.  Nothing corny about it.  Elegant, sophisticated and friendly.  My children have grown up enjoying tea with Joy.
Siri Jostad
Extremely well-done.  I love Tea-Upon-Chatsworth.  Upon entering, you experience a clear transition from the world outside into a meticulous interior environment.  Elegant yet casual, perfect room temperature, music is just right, and the smell of fresh-baked scones is incredible.  Good tea selection and tea is prepared well.  My wife and I have been for High Tea and Cream Tea, and never once have I left hungry.  Compare this with most other options in San Diego and you will realize how much of a gem this place really is.  The food is always fresh and care has obviously been taken in its presentation.  We will come back.
James Bowman

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