Latest Rankings of Tea Education Web Sites


How popular are the major tea education web sites?

Alexa offers traffic metrics across the worldwide web, a valuable source for competitive intelligence and strategic analysis.  The rankings reflect why the International Tea Masters Association is generating 80,000 Unique Visitors to its web site this year and why it is the Gold Standard in tea education.

Alexa Global Ranking of Major Tea Education Web Sites
(Ranking as of August 30, 2016)

1. International Tea Masters Association 3,646,241
2. World Tea Academy 4,459,070
3. Australian Tea Masters Association 4,819,550
4. El Club del Te 5,427,435
5. Tea Association of the USA 8,253,708
6. International Tea Education Institute 11,476,559
7. Escuela Argentina de Té 11,643,294
8. Specialty Tea Institute 13,091,429
9. International Tea Academy 21,876,679


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