Taste Extraordinary Tea
with a Certified Tea Master

tea sommelier with tea masterJust imagine…the experience of having a special top quality five-star tea with a Certified Tea Master.  Now, it’s possible, thanks to the International Tea Masters Association and its new Taste Extraordinary Tea with a Certified Tea Master.

Yes, ITMA has developed a service where you can select one or more special high-grade teas, prepare each one to perfection following the direction of your own Certified Tea Master, taste and evaluate it … all while you’re online on Skype … as you learn about its history and mythology, its terroir and organoleptic properties , and best ways to enjoy its umami taste and aroma.  All this comes with the selection of your choice of one or more 24 available teas. It’s just like you’re sitting across a table from one another.

Taste Extraordinary Tea with a Certified Tea Master:  This remarkable opportunity costs only $75 for each of the teas you select, plus the cost of postage ($8.75).  Best of all, you can invite friends and family to join you during the experience.

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