Superior Certified Professional Tea Training

gold-standardRecognized throughout the world, the non-profit International Tea Masters Association, with its worldwide training locations, is acknowledged as the Gold Standard in tea education.  It was founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, to provide mastery level education, training, and certification to aspiring tea sommeliers, tea blenders, and tea masters. Its superior faculty and outstanding curriculum are unmatched in the entire tea industry.

The association meets superior educational standards by offering its ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™ for achieving the respected ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™ designation.  The home page on its web site,, features a number of worldwide locations where the course is offered. Tuition for this training course is $975 to $1,475.   It is a prerequisite for enrolling in its advanced ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™ for achieving the prestigious ITMA Certified Tea Master™ or ITMA Certified Tea Taster™ designations, the most prominent titles in the tea industry.  Tuition for the tea  master course is $2,975. Its advanced ITMA Certified Tea Blender Course for achieving the ITMA Certified Tea Blender designation is exemplary  and unmatched. Tuition for this course is $1,975.

View how the major tea education web sites rank against each other here.  The data compiled by Alexa in August, 2016.

The organization was  managed by ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, a former tea business owner and an astute, knowledgeable individual in the tea world.  He is held in high esteem by all of the men and women he personally trained and certified.  He relinquished ownership to ITMA Certified  Tea Master Claudia Zarate as its new Executive Director.  Kroll leads  the training for the online  ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™.

With certified trainers in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and Europe, all of whom are ITMA Certified Tea Masters, and all personally trained by Kroll, the association is committed to its continued growth and expansion.