Successful Training in Long Beach

088The ITMA Tea Mastery Certification Course™ held in Long Beach, California, was a raving success. It started June 2nd with the intensive 3-day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™ It is the first step towards achieving the prestigious ITMA Certified Tea Master™ designation, the most respected title in the tea industry.

The small group of registrants attending the training were enamored by the quality of numerous loose-leaf teas they experienced, all while learning the ideal way to prepare and taste one exquisite tea after another. The training also included: Health Benefits of Tea; Starting or Expanding a Tea Business; Attracting and Retaining Customers; Effective Use of Social Media and Press Releases; Web Site Concepts that Work; and Valuable Guest Service Skills.

Typical of an ITMA training, the registrants came from diverse backgrounds: hospitality industry and existing and aspiring tea business owners. They all had rather extensive knowledge and experience in the world of tea. The training help them consolidate their future direction into a meaningful direction.

The next step is Part 2 of the training, the 14-Week ITMA Tea Mastery Tasting Course™, which starts June 20th. It involves home study, tasting and evaluating 38 different teas, and periodic online group teleconferencing to share experiences and ask questions. Once completed, registrants will experience a blind tea to taste and evaluate, followed by a final examination and then certification as an ITMA Certified Tea Master™.

By ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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