Stellar Performance by Roy Fong
in San Diego

Once again, Roy Fong created a sensational experience for the registrants attending the ITMA Tea Mastery Certification Course™ in San Diego in September. His magnificent, dynamic presentation provided a depth of knowledge based on his 30 years of experience in the tea industry, all while he served numerous high-end tea tastings. The registrants were awed by his knowledge and delighted by teaching skills, which exceeded their expectations

Roy-ChasThe ITMA Tea Mastery Certification Course™ started on September 19th with the first part of the 3-Day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™, held on-site at the Courtyard by Marriott Old Town. Over the next two days, Roy conducted a thorough, intensive exploration of the many facets of tea, all while preparing, tastings and evaluating one exquisite tea after another.

ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll conducted additional tastings on the third day of the 3-day onsite course and explained what was involved in the 14-Week ITMA Tea Mastery Tasting Course™ starting the following week involving home study, tasting and evaluating 38 different teas, and periodic online group teleconference sessions to share experiences and ask questions.

Upon completion of Parts 1 and 2 of the training, registrants will be asked to taste and evaluate a mystery tea and take a final examination. Graduates successfully completing the course will be awarded an ITMA Certificate of Completion for their accomplishment.

By ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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