ITMA Masterclass:
Produce Quality Oolong Tea

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Just imagine learning  to produce Oolong Tea…from the ground to the cup. Oolong is undoubtedly the most difficult tea in the industry to master, requiring great skill and technique.  This phenomenal 3-day hands-on  experiential training, October 17-19, 2017, contains all of the educational requirements an individual needs for achieving the prestigious ITMA Certified Oolong Tea Specialist™ title. Guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience!

The best oolong is picked by hand during the spring and winter months in southeast China and Taiwan. Oolong teas are partially oxidized teas and undergo the most difficult and time consuming processing method. Once harvested, the leaves are withered in direct sunlight and then shaken gently in bamboo baskets to lightly bruise the edges of the leaves. Next the leaves are air-dried in the shade until the surface of the leaf turns slightly yellow. The process of shaking and drying the leaves is repeated several times. The oxidation period for oolong teas is less than that for black teas and depends on the type of oolong. This can vary from about 5% for a green oolong to 80% for a classic dark oolong. After the desired oxidation level is reached, the leaves are pan-fired at high temperatures to prevent further oxidation.

Broadly speaking, the training includes the seven stages involved in producing oolong. The most important step is leaf-selection or harvesting. It is followed by bruising and slow-baking.

  1. Harvesting (Caiqing)
  2. Withering (Weidiao)
  3. Bruising (Zhuoqing or Yaoqing)
  4. Fixation (Shaqing)
  5. Rolling and Shaping (Rounian or Zhuoxin)
  6. Baking (Hongbei)
  7. Sorting, Cooling and Packaging

RocelLeoncio200hThe training will be conducted in English and led by ITMA Certified Tea MasterRocel LeoncioShe will be supported by John Zhang of MoriMa Tea, headquartered in Fujian Province, China, the home of Oolong tea with its long history. With Rocel’s experience in tea education and MoriMa Tea’s expertise in oolong tea production, they promise to make this an especially memorable experience for everyone.

The 3-Day ITMA Certified Oolong Tea Specialist Course™ will be held on-site at the MoriMa Tea Garden, Longyan, Fujian. Registrants are asked to stay at Taiyuan Villa, Zhangping, Longyan, Fujian on October 17th and 18th, and at the 7 Days Inn Xiamen Airport Branch on October 16th and 19th. Accommodations should be communicated to MoriMa Tea by all participants who will be picked up in Xiamen very early on October 17th to go to Taiyuan Villa and the MoriMa Tea Garden. The course is open to 10 registrants. Seating is limited.

Registrants will receive a copy of the ITMA Certified Oolong Tea Specialist Training Manual™,  and will be honored with the ITMA Certified Tea Specialist ™  designation and an ITMA Certificate of Completion. They will conclude this course with a truly unique knowledge unlike any other tea course being offered throughout the world.

The course holds the high level of focus and support needed to gain the competence and confidence to serve as a distinguished oolong tea specialist at any upscale restaurant, hotel, or tea business, or expand or start one’s own successful tea business.

Tuition for the ITMA Certified Oolong Tea Specialist Course™ is US$1,475 for International Tea Masters Association members (US$1,725 for nonmembers), To register, post a US$250 non-refundable tuition deposit using the button below. Registrants will receive an invoice by email for the tuition balance prior to the start of the training, which will be due and payable on or before October 1, 2017. Financial assistance is not available for this course.

250 deposit