Orthodox Purple Kenya Tea

HandcraftedPurpleHandcrafted Orthodox Purple Kenya Tea is the rarest tea in Africa. Some have described this tea to be similar in appearance to a Dan Cong oolong, which is an old variety of tea with a history that dates back 900 years. The plants are untruncated tea trees that grow tall and straight with branches that open out like an umbrella.

Orthodox Purple Kenya Tea is a beautiful twisted long-leaf tippy purple-black tea with an awarding pleasant semi-sweet floral aroma. Toasted walnut and oak notes are prominent with a light pear undertone. Cocoa notes are also present. Rich in the flavonoid anthocyanin, which pigments the leaves a purplish color. A remarkably delightful tasting tea with a complex flavor and aroma, a drink that will elevate your Chi energy and increase your concentration and focus.

I personally steeped and evaluated this incredibly exquisite tea three times using 3 grams in 6 fl. oz. (177 ml.) of water at 190°F for 3 minutes. All three steeping captivated me in both taste and aroma. I rated all three with a 9 using our 0-10 point rating system. The leaves were simply breathtaking after steeping. I was able to enjoy two additional rounds of the same quality. Definitely a tea to remember!

More information is available from Royal Teas of Kenya at www.royalteaofkenya.com/index.php.


By Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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