One Day Tea Extravaganza


Become totally immersed in an intense environment of capturing the amazing taste and aroma  of some of the most exquisite and often rarest loose-leaf specialty teas from around the world, all in one day.  View a sample of the event’s Tea Menu. Many of the teas cost hundreds of dollars a pound. Come for tea and enjoy this special One Day Tea Extravaganza with others, hosted by a certified tea master.

The event has been designed for and will benefit tea aficionados and others who wish to elevate their palate to a richer, higher level, just like wine lovers, and begin serving delicious, healthy tea immediately to their best friends and acquaintances.

The tea tastings will be held at various locations all listed on our home page. Each event will be led by an ITMA Certified Tea Master who will make it an especially memorable, life-changing experience for everyone, long to be remembered.

The One Day Tea Extravaganza is sponsored by the International Tea Masters Association, recognized throughout the world as the Gold Standard in tea education, founded to provide Mastery Level training, education, and professional certification to individuals desiring to become ITMA Certified Tea Professionals™. Its superior faculty and outstanding curriculum are unmatched in the entire tea industry.

Cost for the full day program is only $199 per person. To purchase an admission ticket, please visit our home page and select an event to attend.