Tea Masterclass:
Start a Successful Tea Business™

Tuition Only $1,475

Turn Your Tea Dream Into Reality

Start a Successful Tea Business™ is a powerful, comprehensive, one-on-one online learning experience using Skype technology that includes critically important concepts facing an aspiring tea entrepreneur. It will help you turn your tea dream into a reality when you immerse yourself in the program’s inspiring education and learning.  The training has been a raving success among all past registrants.

You will learn the tools and techniques of critically important “How to…” topics including:

  • How to Start a Tea Shop
  • How to Start a Tea Room
  • How to Create a Business Plan
  • How to Create a Successful Web Site
  • How to Create a Marketing Plan
  • How to Determine Your Legal Structure
  • How to Comply With Government & Tax Regulations
  • How to Build Your Management Team
  • How to Build Your Brand & Advertising Campaign
  • How to Launch Your Tea Business
  • How to Grow Your Tea Business

The program includes the training you need for opening and operating a successful tea business right from the start.

Master Among Tea Masters

The training will be led by ITMA Certified Tea Master™ Chas Kroll, the former Executive Director of the International Tea Masters Association for  the past 11 years . He owned and operated an online specialty tea company for ten years previously, which he sold in June, 2006. His original vision for both the association and tea business was to disseminate information on the healthy benefits of consuming tea to a broad cross-section of the population. In doing so, he believed that people would be able to reduce the incidence of harmful, life-threatening diseases, increase their energy, enhance their lifestyle, and live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Kroll’s tea industry colleagues regarded him as a skilled and knowledgeable tea master, developing several of his own proprietary, custom tea blends, a tea-based seasoning food rub, and several courses of instruction.  Besides his talent and ability with tea, he is also a professionally trained life coach, author, speaker, motivator, and empowering leader-by-example. On a personal level, he is an articulate, intelligent, confident, sincere, caring man. His spirituality and integrity are his unique gifts. What most people get from him when they meet him is his authenticity.

He is a highly competent, knowledgeable senior trainer with extensive experience in the tea industry. He is committed to making the training a memorable life-changing experience for everyone.

Tea is a Marketing Intensive Business

Nearly one million new businesses are launched in the U.S. every year.  In less than three years, in even the best of economic times, 85% of them will fail and close their doors.  Of the remaining 15%, the 150,000 survivors, another 85% will cease doing business over the next three years.  From the original 1,000,000 start-ups each year, only 22,500 will survive being around long enough to celebrate their 6th anniversary.  The other 977,500 simply become heartbreaking statistics and financial losses.  This is not what the American Dream is supposed to be.

Besides exceptional knowledge of the different types of tea and their preparation, reputable sources of supply, and proven means of attracting and retaining customers, running a brick-and-mortar tea shop or tea room or an online tea business, or all three, takes solid business savvy, outstanding management skills, and a few tricks of the trade you will need to learn.

The biggest problem facing new start-ups is that the TV repairman opens a TV repair shop, the accountant opens a tax preparation service, and the young woman who loves makeup goes to cosmetology school and opens a beauty salon.  Their businesses all fail in under three years.  The reason is that they spent all of their time working “IN” the business and virtually little or no time working “ON” the business.  Working “ON” the business involves the use of that dirty word called MARKETING.  Suffice it to say that a tea business is a marketing-intensive enterprise requiring a significant amount of personal energy, innovation, and implementation.

Importance of Adequate Training

Another reason so many businesses struggle and fail is that they do not systematize their operation nor provide an adequate degree of employee training.  One of the best ways to solve this dilemma is by writing a training manual in which everything, and we mean “EVERYTHING,” is explained in writing down to the smallest detail for each position within a company.  It then becomes the responsibility of each employee to literally master all of the information, steps, and procedures relating to their position in the company using accelerated learning techniques, employee coaching skills, and continuous management support.  Measuring and monitoring on-going employee performance is an essential component as well.  This should be a top priority for employees who deal directly with customers and for you as the business owner.

It is critically important, too, to have a written business plan, which will help you quantify your operating assumptions on matters such as rent, labor, cost of goods sold, customer flow, seasonality, and much more.  A good business plan will enable you to track your progress once you start your business, adjusting your numbers accordingly as time goes by. Updating your business plan can also help you find areas for improving your marketing and cutting costs where you are overspending.  Proof of your performance is in the numbers. Closely monitoring those figures is one of the keys to both success and survival.

Expand Your Tea Expertise and Knowledge

One of the best ways to grow your business is through your own personal growth and expansion of tea expertise and knowledge.  Sales will go up.  Profits will increase.  Greater levels of success will be achieved.

And one of the best ways to achieve this level of personal growth is by mastering the concepts and information in any one of a number of training courses offered by one of the prominent tea education institutions. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.  Your expertise will be acknowledged by everyone you meet.  It will become a magnet for attracting the perfect right people to your business as new and returning customers.  Invest in your personal growth to achieve the American Dream.

Every new business starts with an idea. Maybe there is something you are really knowledgeable and passionate about, such as tea, or perhaps you think you have found a way to fill a gap in the marketplace. Whatever your interest may be, it is almost guaranteed that there is a way to turn it into a business.


Thank you for sharing with us your specialized tea knowledge during “Start a successful tea business.” It will contribute to a successful start, and future operation, of our new “Arteastic” Tea Room and Art Gallery opening soon in Richmond, Texas.

We enjoyed your two (2) day intensive tea business training and learned a lot about the important aspects of starting and operating a successful tea business. We also learned the importance of continuous marketing and the latest marketing technology through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tweeter.

We recommend this training to everyone who is planning to start or expand an existing tea business.

Alex Serrano, Houston, Texas

Research Your Concept

Once you have narrowed your list of ideas down to one or two, do an Internet search for existing companies in your chosen field. Learn what the current brand leaders are doing and figure out how you can do it better. If you think your business can deliver something other companies do not deliver or can deliver the same thing faster or cheaper, you have a solid idea and are ready to create a business plan.

David Silverstein, a global business consultant and CEO of operational strategy consulting firm BMGI, cautioned would-be entrepreneurs against starting a business for the sake of being a business owner.  “You need a viable business model, not just an idea,” he said.

“Businesses do not start with simple ideas,” Silverstein told Business News Daily. “They start with problems to be solved or opportunities to do something better. Know your solution and your customer inside and out. Ensure you are passionate about what you are starting because you will be spending all of your time doing it.”

Invest in Your Future

Tuition for the complete program (14-16 Hours of online training) is US$1,475 for ITMA members (US$1,725 for nonmembers). To register, post a US$250 non-refundable tuition-deposit using the button below. The tuition balance will be invoiced to registrants by e-mail and must be paid promptly.

Registrants completing the course will receive the ITMA’s Certificate of Completion and official title of ITMA Certified Tea Entrepreneur.