Latest ITMA Certified Tea Master

Paola MazzaPaola Mazza, a resident of Uruguay, recently completed her training with the International Tea Masters Association in San Diego, California.  She achieved the title and designation of ITMA Certified Tea Master, one of the most respected designations in the tea industry.  She has been a social tea drinker from a young age but she connected again with the international world of tea as an adult during a visit to Japan and China in 2012.

Paola is an anthropologist by education and training, and she currently works in the Travel Retail Industry.  After getting in touch with the different teas and traditions of various countries, her interest grew.  She started reading books to learn about the different types of teas, followed by her looking for tea courses, when she found the Escuela Argentina de Té (Argentina School of Tea).

It was in her first class that she discovered what she really loved and what she would dedicate her life to. She studied with the school by completing three courses: Tea Sommelier (1 year), Tea Business Manager (1 year), and Tea Meditation (4 months).

Paola’s favorite teas are Gyokuro and Milky Oolong. She loves green teas, especially from Japan, and Chinese such as Longjing and less oxidized oolongs.  She also enjoys some black teas such as Golden Monkey and white types like Silver Needle. She is not fan of machine harvested (CTC) teas nor Pu-erh, at least she has not found one she really enjoyed. She also loves cooking with tea as an ingredient.

Unfortunately, during this journey Paola found out that was sensitive to caffeine. This didn´t stop her from trying three or more infusions of each tea she tasted  She solved the problem drinking less tea each time during the morning or afternoon.

She currently has a Facebook page dedicated to tea: “Tea with Jane, Fiestas de Té” in which she posts all information regarding the infusion she loves so much.

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