He Kai Shan “Green” Puerh

He Kai Shan Green Puerh

Yunnan’s He Kai Shan Puerh tea has been gaining popularity due to its fragrance and gentle nature. However, loose leaf versions of this type of Puerh are rarely offered. Merchants often elect to press the tea into a “cake” form to increase value. After cupping this tea we decided to add it to our expanding collection of loose-leaf Puerh so that everyone who wants to experience an excellent example of a green Puerh can do so in any quantity they wish.

This harvest of green Puerh has a nice hint of light smokiness and a rich, full mouth-feel. The finish is gentle yet long-lasting and cleansing. The liquor is a soft, reddish-yellow.  It is very accessible, making it satisfying for experienced Puerh enthusiasts but also easy and welcoming to newcomers.

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