The Gold Standard of Oolong Tea Tours

With ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master™ Roy Fong

xiamen tea fairDay 1 (October 15, 2014):  Breakfast meet and greet, depart to Xiamen Tea Fair. Registrants’ welcome dinner.

Day 2 (October 16, 2014):  Second day at tea fair. Registrants’ specialty dinner.

Day 3Day 3 (October 17, 2014):  Depart to Anxi, the home of the world famous Tie Guan Yin tea. Introduction to the four major varietals of Tie Guan Yin, registrants participate in tea harvest and a walk-through for each step of Tie Guan Yin production. Dinner at the tea factory and tea cupping.

Day 3Day 4 (October 18, 2014):  Continue with production demonstration and a recap of Tie Guan Yin production by Roy Fong – cupping of various varietals of Tie Guan Yin to show the different levels of aromatics and flavor profiles. Demonstration and cupping to show results of different oxidation levels.

day 5Day 5 (October 19, 2014):  Return to Xiamen for a day of reflection and city tour, dine on Xiamen’s specialty seafood.

day 6Day 6 (October 20, 2014):  Travel to Wuyi Shan, the origin of Oolong tea and the location of one of the “six portals to immortality” to Taoists. Another day to tour the city and to prepare to meet the “King of Oolong Tea” close up.

Day 7 (October 21, 2014):  Two-hour hike to tea farm, participate in picking and harvesting, carry harvest back down the mountain to the tea factory. Participate in each step of Oolong tea production.

day 10Day 8 (October 22, 2014):  A full day of tea cupping with Roy Fong. Recap and cup all the Oolong teas that have been experienced on the trip, starting with the Tie Guan Yins we helped harvest. Then a re-cupping of the Tie Guan Yin produced with different levels of oxidation. Freshly harvested Tie Guan Yin  will be compared with Aged Teas. Finally, cuppings of the 5 famous Wuyi Yan Cha (Da Hong Pao, Tie Luo Han, Shui Jin Gui, Bai Ji Guan and Lao Chung Shui Xian).

Day 9 (October 23, 2014):  Registrants will go bamboo rafting through centuries worth of tea fields and history via the 9 Bends Rivers and visit the world renowned Dao Hong Pao plants reputed to have survived since the Song Dynasty.

day 10Day 10 (October 24, 2014):  Depart to Beijing. We’ll take a day tour of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, two landmarks that represent the glory and splendor of China’s historical past. Dinner will be the world famous Chinese specialty, Peking Duck.

day 11Day 11 (October 25, 2014):  We will hike up the famous Great Wall of China, one of the world’s most renowned historical sites. Also, we will pay a visit to one of the largest tea wholesale markets in the world – the Malingdao Wholesale Tea Market. We will conclude the trip by playing emperor for dinner – The Imperial Banquet at the Imperial Bai Hao Garden Park.

Day 12 (October 26, 2014):  Departure.

Tour Cost per person:  $4,750 ($750 reservation deposit due by May 31, 2014. 50% of balance or $2,000 due by July 31st.  Final balance of $2,000 due on or before September 30th. Use this link to register $750 Deposit

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