Fukamushicha : Amazing Umami Taste, Extraordinary Health Benefits

image3ITMA Certified Tea Master and ITMA Certified Tea Blender Melissa Salazar had the honor of meeting with Japanese tea exporters from Kakegawa, Japan, to learn and distinguish the various harvests of their amazing Fukamu- shicha Deeply Steamed Green Tea. She tasted first the Ichiban-cha, the first plucked harvest and the best harvested  from April 25th – May 10th, a tea of supreme quality. The taste was a full bodied thick mouth-feel and sweet grassiness; the color was a vibrant bright green. She was then presented with the health benefits and distinct characteristics of this amazing tea.

image1-1This was followed by a taste comparison of 5 various harvests of the Fukamushicha, Two were ichiban-cha, one of a slightly higher grade, and the others that were slightly more roasted grades and were lower second and third flushes. The taste was mostly incomparable, while the outstanding taste of the ichiban-cha shined above all the others.  It was hard not to notice the color of the ichiban-cha, too, which was amazingly bright and vibrant. Melissa was overwhelmed with comfort and satisfaction as the tea was so relaxing and fulfilling. The presentation left her in awe as she cherished the experience and knowledge gained. She will be adding this tea with its amazing taste and extraordinary health benefits to her tea sommelier training as well as her personal collection.


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