Faculty – Melinda Jones

meljones_200hMelinda JonesITMA Certified Tea Master™, is based in the Blue Mountains. Over the last two years, she had the opportunity to develop her love of tea into her own business, while studying tea and developing her own tea company, The Blue Mountains Tea Company. She actively sources and pursues a quality range of organic teas from all over the world. Her goal is to develop a unique boutique range of teas and to also host tea education classes, tea journeys, tea events and tea and art classes.

Melinda’s other love is art, and over the last 7 years she has fallen in love with the vibrant creative art form of Pochoir exhibiting and creating her unique art works for over 10 exhibitions many of which were solo shows. Completing an Artist in Residency at The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in 2012, She has also enjoyed teaching a number of Pochoir workshops including Sturt Summer School in 2014.