Faculty – Luis Andres Gomez

luis gomez_200

Luis Andres Gomez, DDS, MSc, was raised in Bogota, Colombia. His interest in tea occured when he was young.  For unknown reasons, he always choose to drink tea instead of coffee.  He attended El Bosque University in Bogota receiving his degree as a Dental Surgeon. His interest in research focused him to do additional trainings in Bioethics, Clinical Research, and Marketing.

Always passionate about tea and its benefits for the health, mind, and personal interactions, Luis decided to begin studies within this field in 2013. These studies motivated him to travel to Sri Lanka in order to complement his studies in Sri Lankan Tea. He had the opportunity to learn the entire tea process and good practices from the harvest to overseas distribution, making him knowledgeable in Ceylon Tea.  These studies were completed in November, 2014.

Currently Luis works in clinical research for a pharmaceutical company. After working hours and during his leisure time he dedicates his efforts to continue learning about and investigating tea.  In addition to this he continues implementing a tea culture in his country through meetings, media, and communicating its benefits to others.

Ceylon Silver Needles, Chinese Lung Ching, Darjeeling first flush and Ceylon Dimbula are his favorites teas. This experience brings to Luis the opportunity to provide advice to boutique hotels and small tea shops in the city and elsewhere.

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