Faculty-Emiko Doi

emiko_200hEmiko C. Doi,  ITMA Certified Tea Master™, has studied loose-leaf teas from all parts of the world for over 27 years. She has a vast amount of experience in the Chinese and Japanese Tea Ceremonies. As a collector of fine teas from around the world, her desire and passion is to teach about proper tea etiquette and how to enjoy an extraordinarily good tasting cup of tea with family, friends, and guests.

Passionate about the benefits of holistic healthcare, herbal medicine, and Chinese arts, Emiko expanded her knowledge by attending the Tai Hsuan School of the Six Chinese Arts from 1984 to 1988.  While there, the art and appreciation of Chinese teas were introduced under the guidance of Grand Si Fu Master, Dr. Lily Siou Chiang.  After tasting a superior variety of teas like Oriental Beauty, White Tip Puerh, and Dragonwell, her interest and passion for teas blossomed into advanced study and collecting teas as a hobby

Emiko earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Her studies focused on health, food chemistry, nutritional science, and values of foods such as teas, nutritional pharmacology, and business management involving industries such as agriculture and food production. While attending college, she worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years where she discovered early on that basically the teas being served were in tea bags prepared in the same pots as coffee without temperature restraints. Often a great tea had a coffee taste and aroma.

As a Zagat Food Industry voting member, among the features and service, Emiko observes restaurant menus and beverages, including coffee and wine, as well as the varieties of tea being served and the service style.

Currently, Emiko is a continuing student in the art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and certified as an American Tea Master with ITMA. She is a Regional Director for the ITMA and ITMA Trainer responsible for leading courses in Hawaii and Japan, and for training new ITMA Affiliate Trainers.

Emiko is a member of the World Green Tea Association of Japan in Shizuoka and the Hawaii Tea Society in Hilo.