Faculty – Daniele Lieuthier

Dani 200HDani Lieuthier, ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier™, is a well traveled and experienced Brazilian tea lover, tea specialist, and tea blender, as well as a talented pastry chef.  She loves tea so much that it is an ingredient in most of her recipes.  She makes extraordinary cakes using tea and delicious dishes using tea as a recipe ingredient. She makes numerous drinks and tea blends with it, all at her tea room, Caminho do Chá (www.caminhodocha.com.br and www.facebook.com/caminhodocha), located in Curitiba, southern Brazil. Her brand includes 17 tea blends designed by her, mixing tea, spices and flowers from all around the world with amazing Brazilian handmade dried fruits.

She conducted a recent tea tour around the world, including three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). During the nine months of her travels, she visited and lived in eight different countries (France, UK, Turkey, Georgia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Morocco) where she drank as many different teas as she could find. She had the chance to learn from 12 different tea masters from around the world and volunteered at many different tea estates, where she learned how to pluck tea and how to turn fresh tea leaves into the amazing teas you drink at home. She spent a month at a Black Tea Farm in Çifteköpru, Turkey, another month at an Organic Oolong Tea Farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and 15 days at an Organic Green Tea Farm harvesting wild tea in Ning Guo, China.

Once you start drinking high quality tea, you will not be able to stop. Welcome to the amazing world of tea!