Extraordinary Testimonial from a
new ITMA Tea Sommelier

What was the most significant thing you learned during the course and why?:

The most significant thing I learned during the ITMA course was how much respect tea deserves. The history, the nuances, the thousands of years of harvesting… this is an ancient art. I had been taking tea for granted my whole life, CTC all the way. I will not make the same mistake again. That knowledge has changed my life, because now I have a whole new experience, a meditative one, of experiencing tea. And I can’t imagine not having that space, that energy, in my life. It’s brought a whole new scope of depth and feeling… tea is like life: if you can settle in and experience the nuances of the flavors, colors, aromas, life will always be a textured masterpiece – if you have the peace of mind to be present with it. I will never go back to the rush-rush of a little baggie in hot water and slurping my way through the day without even tasting the flavor.

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