Epicurean Afternoon Tea at The Ritz


The Ritz Hotel’s Epicurean Afternoon Tea is an adventure of discovering some of the finest and rarest teas in the world.  It is  hosted by the hotel’s ITMA Certified Tea Master, Giando Scanu.

“Tea Master” is a bold title, but Scanu’s tea-tales are captivating.  The Afternoon Tea is as much a riveting education as it is a gastronomical adventure, as Scanu regales the history of the finest leaves being served, from the minerals in green tea, to why Earl Grey is flavored with bergamot.

The Tea takes place against the theatrical, majestic backdrop of The Ritz; the crown jewel on London’s fine dining crown.  Six exquisite, fine teas are prepared and served at each tasting, from the exceptionally rare Silver Needle Mao Feng to Golden Monkey with “golden tips,” a regal black tea grown at high altitude in the Yunnan Province in China.  Each spectacular tea is expertly paired with a selection of finger sandwiches, open rolls, warm savory dishes, freshly baked scones and patisseries.

An exquisite tea like a fine wine can intensify the taste of cuisine, particularly a scone with praline cream and Earl Grey jelly, a truly magnificent combination. The artfully curated experience and menu is designed to heighten and sharpen one’s senses.

This new venture at The Ritz summarizes the hotel’s admirable attitude:  An establishment firmly rooted in its historical past, but continuing to inspire and steer London’s future.

The Epicurean Afternoon Tea is priced at $134 (£95) per person.  It is now available at 3pm daily.  Reservations are required 24 hours in advance:  020 7300 2345; dining@theritzlondon.com

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