Doomini TGFOP1 2nd Flush Assam Black Tea from Lochan Tea

Although the highly respected Lochan family seems to focus mainly on the Darjeeling region of India, and of course Bihar, where their own tea estate resides, they certainly do know the estates of the Assam region quite well also. In the typical Lochan Tea sample package, there is usually one or two Assam teas, which I am always excited to try, since I consider my experience with Assam teas to be limited. Although recently, thanks to Heritage Tea Assam, I have been gaining some much needed experience in learning more about the teas of Assam.

Doomni Tea Estate is a very short distance from the India-Bhutan border, near the Brahmaputra River Valley. This estate is rather well known for producing classic Assam style black teas.

The sample packet has been opened, and the aroma escaping the packet is truly incredible! Let the journey begin…


Doomni TGFOP1 2nd Flush 2014 Assam Black Tea Dry Leaves

The dry leaves have a uniform dark brown to black color, with some golden tips in the mix. The leaves are small to medium sized fragments. The leaves are rolled. There are a few small bare stems in the mix. The aroma has scents of dried rasins, black licorice, honey, and light daisies.

Three grams of leaves were placed in a five ounce (150 ml) porcelain infusion cup. Purified water was heated to 205°F (96°C). The leaves were infused for 4:00 minutes.

My suggestion for at home brewing is to use three grams for every six to eight ounces (180 to 240 ml) of water to be used. Heat water to 205°F (96°C). Steep the leaves for 3:00 minutes. You should be able to get two quality infusions out of the same serving of leaves. Add a minute of steep time to the second infusion.

Doomni TGFOP1 2nd Flush 2014 Assam Black Tea Liquor

The first infusion produced a liquor with a deep orange-red color, clear and transparent. The aroma is impressive, with scents of malt, raisin, black licorice, honey, and daisies. The body is full, with a thick texture that coats the tongue and throat like honey. The taste is quite complex, with notes of raisin, malt, black licorice, and light daisies. The aftertaste is sweet and malty, and s lingering sweetness combines nicely with the classic astringency of Assam black tea.

Doomni TGFOP1 2nd Flush 2014 Assam Black Tea Infused Leaves

The infused leaves have a uniform light copper-brown color. All leaves are small to medium fragments. There are a few small bare stems in the mix, as well as some nice tips. The aroma has scents of malt, raisin, and black licorice.

The Doomni TGFOP1 Assam Black Tea was quite impressive in all aspects. The aroma from the dry leaf through the liquor and infused leaf was incredibly fruity and sweet, with a nice spice compliment. The taste was a very nice combination of sweet and astringency. The texture of the liquor took absolutely zero effort to describe, as it felt like a spoonful of honey was placed in my mouth. It coated the throat and tongue like no tea that I have had recently. Not too strong to overwhelm or require the addition of milk, but certainly tasteful and powerful enough to know this is an Assam tea. This tea was a pleasure from beginning to end. There is no wonder in my mind as to why Doomni Tea Estate is as well known as it is.

Thanks to the Lochan family and Lochan Tea for providing another excellent sample from the Assam region of India..


By ITMA Certified Tea Professional Kevin Craig, TeaJourneyman,

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