Disposing of Tea Leaves


What do you do with your tea leaves when finished steeping?  Throw them in the trash.  Mix them in with the dirt in the plants around the house.  Add them to your pile for composting.  Use them as a special recipe ingredient.  Whatever you are doing with them, it is extremely important that you do not allow the leaves leftover after steeping to go down the drain in your sink.  They will create a clog and often require the intervention of a plumber.

This is not so much of an issue in a single family household as it is in a tea business where the volume of spent tea leaves is far greater.

To circumvent a clogging problem in your sink, it is best to use a large strainer (6 in. to 12 in. diameter).  Rinse your key pot or kettle over the strainer allowing the water and tea leaves to flow into the strainer.  At the end of the day, treat the leaves as you normally would, without any going down the drain.

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