The Corporate Mystic

corp mystic

The Corporate Mystic

by Gay Hendricks, PhD and Kate Ludeman, PhD


Corporate mystics have a strong connection with their intuition and know how to use it where it counts.  They operate from a base of integrity, pursue their vision with both passion and compassion, and evoke the full potential of those with whom they come in contact.  They live life from a spiritual base.  They maintain their spiritual connection with themselves, other people, and the world around them.  They demonstrate a spirituality that lives in deeds, not words.


Twelve Characteristics of Corporate Mystics:


  1. Absolute Honesty: People cannot relax and produce at their best in an atmosphere of distortion and concealment. Honesty brings out the best in everyone.
  2. Fairness: Keeps the Universe in harmony and balance.
  3. Commitment to Self-Knowledge: The attitude of inquiry, of wonder, is sacred to the mystic.  The more talented you are, the more likely you are to learn and improve.  Mystics acknowledge and appreciate their emotions.  They understand their programming from the past, and are less likely to be blinded by it.  They are open to feedback, even when expressed as criticism.
  4. Focus on Contribution: Deeply concerned with the well being and empowerment of other people.  Contribution is at the forefront of their intentions.
  5. Non-dogmatic spirituality: Mystics live their lives from the universal sources of spirituality that underlie differing beliefs.  To the mystic, spirituality means deeds, not words.  Looking beneath differences to the essential core frees up the mystic to focus on how spirituality expresses itself in action.  Spirituality has to be at one’s core in a way that affects every other part of their life.
  6. More done by doing less: Mystics dwell in the present because it is the only place from which time can be expanded.
  7. Calling for the best in themselves and others: Once fully identified with our essence, we feel at home wherever we are.
  8. Openness to Change: Everything in the Universe is subject to change at just the right time.  Fearing change does not limit their ability to respond.  Mystics have the ability to let go of being right.
  9. Sense of Humor: Mystics can laugh at themselves because they have embodied a basic duality:  the sacredness of life; the absurdity of it all at other times.
  10. Keen distant vision and up-close focus: Mystics have a gift for engaging people in big dreams. They can stand in a future that does not exist and map out the details to get there.  They can see with clarity the possibilities on the horizon.
  11. Unusual Self-Disciple: Motivation comes from a clear sense of purpose based on flexibility and adaptation. They are passionate people.  To play with passion requires discipline.  There is no other way to generate the tireless source of energy passion runs on.
  12. Balance:  Mystics keep a keen eye on balancing their lives  in four main areas:  intimacy, work, spirituality, and community.

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