China Tea Tour 2015

A Once In A Lifetime Experience
October 15 – 25, 2015
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Reservations Close on August 1, 2015


DAY 1: Oct 15      XIAMEN Jinyan Hotel – 4 Star Hotel Dinner

DAY 2: Oct 16      XIAMEN Jinyan Hotel

DAY 3: Oct 17      XIAMEN Jinyan Hotel

DAY 4: Oct 18      XIAMEN Jinyan 4 Star Hotel – Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 5: Oct 19      SHANGHAI Shanghai Riverview Hotel

DAY 6: Oct 20      SHANGHAI Shanghai Riverview Hotel

DAY 7: Oct 21      JINGHONG Tai Garden Hotel – Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 8: Oct 22      JINGHONG Tai Garden Hotel – Breakfast, Dinner

DAY 9: Oct 23      BEIJING Soluxe Tiantan Hotel

DAY 10: Oct 24   BEIJING Grand Soluxe Tiantan Hotel

DAY 11: Oct 25   BEIJING Grand Soluxe Tiantan Hotel

en_banner_01Welcome to China Xiamen Tea Industry Fair in Xiamen, Fujian Province and the start of your eye opening Tea-centric journey. Arriving at Xiamen Airport, you will see our friendly local team awaiting to greet you and transfer you to the hotel.

The next morning we will have a pre-tour meeting and briefing which we will go over the upcoming trip in detail. Today, you will attend the Xiamen Tea Fair, with transport organized by On The Go Tours at pre-set times.

Enjoy the second day at the Tea Fair today, with included transport at pre-set times.

tieguanyinThe next morning we head off by coach to Anxi, home of world famous Ti Quan Yin tea. Here we enjoy an introduction to the 4 varieties of Ti Quan Yin and we learn about tea harvesting and an explanation of each step of Ti Quan Yin production. The experience continues with cupping the varieties of Ti Quan Yin to experience the different aroma and taste profiles. We enjoy dinner at the tea factory and tea cupping before returning to Xiamen and your hotel.

Wuyishan_1This morning it is a short flight to Wuyi Shan, home and origin of Oolong tea. Arriving here, we have a two-hour hike to meet the “King of Oolong Tea.” We will experience each step of Oolong tea production and cupping, different levels of oxidation, including the five famous Wuyi Yan Cha (Da Hong Pao, Ti Luo Han, Shui Jin Gui, Bai Ji Guan and Lao Chung Shui Xian). Returning to the airport in the evening, we fly onto Shanghai.

shanghai-2Spend the day exploring the Old Chinese City (Nanshi), with its narrow winding streets and old houses. Continue to the two-story Old Shanghai Tea house for some exquisite tea to drink and purchase. Then, onto the Huxingting (Mid-Lake Pavilion) which dates back more than 200 years and is Shanghai’s most famous place to drink tea and enjoy a Shanghai snack.

JinghongReturning to Shanghai Airport, take to the sky heading to the tropical South West of the country and the city of Jinghong in Yunnan Province, considered the birthplace of tea. After the usual arrival formalities of transfer etc, visit the famous ancient tea tree mountain – Nannuo Mountain. Here we will meet master tea artisans who have spent their lives cultivating tea.

Today we enjoy further exploring a Yunnan tea factory and tea plantation affording you a greater insight into Yunnan’s tea and processing.

beijing-great wllAfter breakfast, we fly to Beijing. Arriving there, a transfer brings you to the hotel. After breakfast we visit the famous Great Wall of China, one of the world’s most renowned historical sites, and then the Malingdao Wholesale Tea Market, the largest wholesale tea market in China.

Sadly the journey has come to an end, we transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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