Faculty – Katya Mansurova

Katya 200hKatya Mansurova, ITMA Certified Tea Master™, is the founder and president of Fancy Dragon Tea in San Diego, California, retail and wholesale teashop. She grew up drinking tea with her family in Eastern Russia. Due to the close proximity to China, Japan, and Korea, Katya’s early years were heavily influenced by these great Asian countries: She ate kimchi, sushi, and drank green tea. Of course, it is of no surprise that when she grew up and moved away to the United States, these early influences stayed with her turning into a passion for food and beverage and learning about other cultures.

After spending a decade working as a CPA and CFE, Katya has decided to drastically change her life path and pursue her passions. As she loves wine, she first has obtained a professional certification in the Business in Wine program from San Diego State University. Using this knowledge, she worked with various consulting companies in San Diego helping their clients to build a balanced wine list.

Later on, she co-owned and operated a European inspired bistro in San Diego where she sold her company teas.

After visiting her brother in China in 2008, who moved there for work, she realized that the world of tea is not different from wine, offering rich history, vast selection of teas, and endless opportunities for learning. While on her visit, she took a tea course at the renowned Tea University in the world famous Tea Museum in Hangzhou. Upon returning to the US, she has studied and obtained her ITMA Tea Master certification from Chas Kroll. She also studied tea on various tea plantations on her subsequent trips to China.

Katya has started Fancy Dragon Tea with hopes of introducing American customers to the exciting world of unique and rare Chinese teas. As she greatly values the education she’s received, her goal is to share her knowledge with her customers. She conducts private tea tasting parties to individuals and companies. Together with her partner company, PGV Restaurant Consulting, she consults for food and beverages institutions (coffee shops, restaurants, hotels) in San Diego, training their owners and staff on everything tea related.

In her free time, Katya loves painting while drinking a cup of tea. She also loves traveling though rural villages in China and learning about their tea traditions.


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