Faculty – Carlos E. Riaño Rufilanchas

CaCarlos Riaño 2rlos E. Riaño Rufilanchas, founder of Finest Tea & Company, S.L. the first high quality tea company in Spain (1997). He is a scholar who felt the call of tea. Trained in History and Social Science at the Spanish University as well as in the respected Advanced Institute of Spain.  He has been awarded with prestigious scholarships in Spain and the Netherlands, he decided to change his life when he discover his passion for tea.

Since then, he has devoted his life to the business of tea, trying to become every day a bit more of a “gentleman who deals with tea” and less of just another tea dealer. As part of this more elaborate concept of a what it is to be a tea dealer, he has been visiting regularly tea fairs and symposia; traveling regularly to tea producing countries to visit tea plantations and to obtain firsthand experience of different methods of producing and preparing tea, and has also devoted himself to the study of the history of tea.

He has been active in the promotion of high quality tea in Spain by designing and teaching tea courses, tea tasting sessions, giving conferences, training personnel for other tea and coffee firms, and lately through writing a Tea manual in Spanish soon to be published in Spain.