Grace Deane, Certified Tea Master™

graceGrace Deane has a Master's in multi-discipline Fine Arts (including Fashion/Jewelry Design, Graphic/Fine Art Design and Music/Dance). She attended The Art Center and Cal Arts (both Fine Art Universities in Southern California). She then pursued an interest in herbology at the Australasian College of Health Sciences for her work in aromatology.

Grace earned her Tea Master certification from the American Tea Master Association's Executive Director in July, 2010. Her etiquette training was granted by the Protocol School of Washington and its founder, Dorothea Johnson. Her natural affinity to tea mastery stems from her highly developed palate and uniquely acute olfaction, both a result from her expertise in aromatology. She held a private practice in Herbal Medicine for 12 years, where she created clinical grade herbal, floral, and fruit based essential oil blends to enhance the health of her many clients. She also created proprietary, aromatic tea blends and artisanal cosmetics for private and corporate use.

Grace’s aesthetic for elegance, design, and composition originates from her several years in the apparel industry where she worked as a fashion illustrator and designer. Her skill in painting and jewelry design (in the genre of Sacred Art) led to an acquisition of her pieces by the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her work at Cal Arts University included Special Events Direction where she designed and coordinated social events such as exhibitions and galas with acclaimed philanthropists, personalities, and celebrities. Additionally, grace has a 10 year history of organizing and directing classical dance academies where etiquette, poise, deportment, comportment, aesthetics, and choreography were emphasized.

Recently, Grace coordinated a series of Artistic Royal Teas where her tea direction and original fine art (of scrolling hand cut paper work) were featured and presented (in the form of a birthday commemorative to HRM Queen Elizabeth in 2008 and 2009. She was honored with a letter of recognition and gratitude from Her Royal Majesty.


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