Belgian Chocolate Rooibos

belgian chocolate rooibos

There is an old saying that goes: Your diet is in trouble when you count your blessings and chocolate is the first.  This no longer has to be the case thanks to this wonderful herbal blend.  The answer is simple. Rooibos is fat-free, calorie-free, caffeine-free, and incredibly high in vitamins and minerals.

As the name Belgian Chocolate Rooibos would suggest, Metropolitan Tea in Toronto Canada, has blended this wonderfully smooth tisane with the natural flavoring of Belgian chocolate, a product synonymous with Belgium waffles. The tiny country produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year and has 2,130 chocolate shops within her borders. The Belgians know chocolate. In fact, the country is so well known for its chocolate that it gets first choice on all cocoa exports from the entire African continent.

One of the most wildly popular trees on the planet is the cacao, the plant species from which cocoa and chocolate is derived. While some might think cacao and cocoa are one in the same, they are not. Cacao is the tree, while cocoa is the product made from it. Edible parts of cacao pods and the beans inside them can be processed to make cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate.  It is no wonder the Spanish call it “Black Gold.”

Metropolitan Tea figured that if you are going to blend anything, much less chocolate, with a top quality Rooibos, it better be the best. Brew yourself a pot today and satisfy your chocoholic cravings, without upsetting your dietary restrictions.  You will be pleasantly surprised and craving more.

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