Opportunity to Become a Trainer


The International Tea Masters Association has restructured its curriculum to the highest level in the tea industry and is now offering three exceptional courses of instruction:  the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™, ITMA Certified Tea Blending Course™, and the ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™.

Our eight trainers around the world, all of whom are ITMA Certified Tea Masters™, have been given the additional title of Regional Director.  They will be responsible for recruiting and training Affiliate Trainers.  ITMA headquarters  has been promoting Affiliate Trainer relationships to a qualified list of individuals and will assign them to one of its Regional Directors once they register. Affiliate Trainers will be responsible for scheduling, promoting, and leading the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™ at the tuition rate of $1,475.  This new rate should generate a significantly larger number of registrants than the old rate.  Under the new structure, Affiliate Trainers will receive 70% of the tuition revenue collected.

This proposal involves part-time work and should not interfere with normal business activities.

To become an Affiliate Trainer, several criteria must be met:

1.  Review the new Curriculum for the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course
2.  Complete an ITMA Affiliate Trainer Application
3.  Pay $1,000 Annual Licensing Fee ($200 monthly payment plan available)
4.  Successfully complete the Post-Training provisions of the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™:  Mystery Tea (blind tasting evaluation), Oral (5 minute) or written (4 page) dissertation on subject assigned by ITMA, and Final Examination (100+ questions).  Post-Training Tuition $95
5.  Complete our Train the Trainer Program offered by your Regional Director to learn how to successfully market, promote, and conduct an ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course

Once your application is accepted by ITMA management, you will be asked to submit a personal biography and photo for the faculty page on our web site (www.TeaMasters.org), which is currently producing 80,000+ Unique Visitors per year.  At the same time, you will be assisted in creating your first ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™, including dates, location, and details for the web site.

As for the ITMA Certified Tea Master Course™, a Prerequisite is a requirement.  It is open to individuals who have completed the ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™ or have placed-out of the course by completing the post-event segment of the training.  This advanced-level, sophisticated training will be led by internationally acclaimed tea experts, ITMA Certified Grand Tea Master  Roy Fong and ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, three times a year in San Diego.

This is a Major Opportunity for qualified individuals who are both passionate about tea and willing to share what they have learned and experienced to others.  Plus, successful Affiliate Trainers stand to earn a significant amount of money from their efforts and deserve to be adequately compensated.