Tea & Coffee Trade Journal – Articles on Tea

The Tea & Coffee Trade Journal has done a remarkable job of publishing informative, well-written and accurate articles on the tea and coffee industries in each of its monthly editions.  We wish to share links to tea articles worth reading for the first six months of 2013.

The French Tea Market – Small But Special (June, 2013)

Sri Lanka and India – The Many Moods of Tea (May, 2013)

The World Has Embraced Tea (May, 2013)

Pu-er Tea – The Treasured Cup of the Yunnan Provence (April, 2013)

Keeping Pace With Consumers (March, 2013)

Japanese Tea – Low in Export, High in Demand (February, 2013)

South East Asia – Tea Remains Dominnat, But Coffee is Thriving (January, 2013)

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