Another Stellar 3-Day Training on Hilo, Hawaii

harvested teaThere is always something special about a tea training on Hawaii.  The 3-Day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™ was no exception.  The training, led by ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll, included one advanced tasting experience after another as the registrants evaluated over 40 of the world’s finest teas, but it was teahawaaii shotthe third day that made the experience so special.  Under the watchful eyes of Master Growers, Chiu Leong and Eva Lee, the registrants harvested tea at the TeaHawaii Estate at 4,000 ft. above sea level.  A first-time experience for each registrant.  Following picking, they withered, oxidized, rolled, and dried the leaves, awaiting only to be savored after the day’s session ended.  They loved every minute of this experience.

Besides all the great tea tasting, Kroll led the class in a thorough understanding of the Health Benefits of Tea; Starting or Expanding a Tea Business; Attracting and Retaining Customers; Effective Use of Social Media and Press Releases; Web Site Concepts that Work; and Valuable Guest Service Skills.

Kroll concluded the 3-day training by explaining what was involved in the 14-Week Tea Mastery Tasting Course™ starting a week later. This part of the training involves home study, tasting and evaluating 38 different teas, and online group teleconference sessions to share experiences and ask questions.  Upon completion, students will be asked to taste and evaluate a mystery tea and take a final examination.  Graduates successfully completing the training will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a Certified Tea Master™ lapel pin for their accomplishment.

Feedback from the registrants clearly indicated that the first part of the training, the 3-Day ITMA Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™, exceeded their expectations and had a dramatic impact on their future plans in the tea industry.


By ITMA Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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