American Tea Ceremony Now a Reality

The American Tea Masters Association developed and launched the American Tea Ceremony, which takes advantage of teas grown from all over the world reflecting the melting pot of ethnicity and the diverse cultures of which this nation’s population is composed. Modeled after the ceremonies in Chinese and Japanese tea cultures, the American Tea Ceremony is an opportunity to sit down, put cellphones and other electronic gadgets aside, and have tea with those most important to you in your life: family, friends, and business associates. It is an opportunity to discuss subjects that will strengthen personal values. The tea in the ceremony is simply an enjoyable vehicle allowing the person leading the ceremony an opportunity to model positive values and behaviors for everyone present.

Prior to its start, whoever leads the ceremony should sample each tea to be served to determine the ideal temperature for brewing it, along with the length of time it should be steeped.

Several elements of the ceremony make it unique. The aroma of the dry tea leaves and the tea itself after brewing is paramount. It is indeed through our sense of smell that we perceive the essence of what we taste, which is where the aromatic complexity of a drink like tea is revealed. It is for this reason that we pour the tea after it is prepared into 2-ounce Aroma Glasses.

shot glass

Instead of preparing the tea in a ceramic or metal teapot, a glass Tea Press is used.>

 tea press

Instead of pouring the tea into ceramic or porcelain teacups after steeping, 5 or 6-ounce Tasting Glasses are used.

 tea glass

The significance of these features allow the participants to not only capture the tea’s fragrance, but watch the tea develop its natural color during the steeping process as the leaves open, expand, and release their flavor. These steps add a special sensory dimension to the ceremony’s process.

The experience of following the American Tea Ceremony when serving tea is extremely positive, allowing family members, friends, and guests to communicate with one another as it enhances relationships.

More information on the American Tea Ceremony is available by watching the 10-minute video below.

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By Certified Tea Master Chas Kroll

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