Part 2 Tea Sommelier Curriculum

What is a tea sommelier

  • Learn what it involves being a tea sommelier
  • Make the connection with a wine sommelier
  • Learn about the different tea ceremonies

Tea and Terroir

  • Learn about the different factors that influence tea
    • Climate
    • Altitude
    • Soil
  • History of tea
    • Learn the history of tea in Japan
    • Learn the history of tea in India
    • Learn the history of tea in Korea
    • Learn the history of tea in Europe
    • Learn the history of tea in the USA
  • Tea in Japan
    • Learn the tastes of the different Japanese tea’s and their characterictis
      • Tasting Gyokuro
      • Tasting Hoijcha
      • Tasting Kukicha
      • Tasting Genmaicha
      • Tasting Matcha
    • Learn how to use the Kyusu and the Chaiwan for Matcha
    • Learn about the Japanese Tea Ceremony Cha-No- Yu
  • World Tea market
    • Overview of tea production figures in the world
    • Overview of consumption of tea in the world
  • Tea in India
    • Learn about the three main tea regions in India, Darjeeling, Nilgiri and Assam
    • Learn about Massala Chai
    • Tasting Indian Tea
      • Tasting Darjeeling
      • Tasting Assam
      • Tasting Nilgiri
    • Learn about the tea grading
  • Tea pairing
    • Students need to think of which tea to pair with chocolate
  • Tea and health
    • Update on new European health rules and FDA rules
    • Chemical structure of tea leaf and their benefits
    • Overview on caffeine
    • What can be stated and what is not allowed
    • Overview of different herbs
  • Tasting infusions
    • Gynostemma
    • Rooibos coco chai

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