Tea Master Kroll Up & Running Again

Chas 090801I returned home last Wednesday after being hospitalized since January 3rd.  A great feeling indeed to step over the doorstep.  However, my doctor is allowing me to spend no more that eight hours at home during the day.  I have to return to the hospital for an intravenous antibiotic, breathing treatment, and physical therapy session by four o’clock each day.

The final diagnosis.  My cardiologist informed me last Monday that I did not have a heart attack.  I did have a stroke, however, during which a blood clot went from my heart to my right shoulder and down to my elbow rendering my right hand and arm useless.  The good news is that they called in a vascular surgeon specialized in clearing arterial blockages like this and with in an hour he had my symptoms in remission.  From the onset, I thought for sure this was going to be an end-of-life experience for me.  So I consider this to be an extremely lucky set of circumstances giving me the opportunity to fulfill more of my life’s ambitions.

I am now spending my time catching up on an enormous work load over the past month.

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