Patricia Armour Ready to Make a Difference

patricia_200hWe are honored to announce a new trainer on staff and a recent ITMA Certified Tea Master™. Patricia Armour, has extensive experience in the preparation, serving, and understanding of the unique properties of the many types of tea, which have been part of her life for as long as she can remember. A respected Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D., specialized in Holistic Life Coaching, from the University of Sedona, and a Certificate in Tea and Etiquette from the prestigious Dorothea Johnson’s Washington School of Protocol. She will be conducting her first ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Course™, in Orlando, Florida, where she lives.

Patricia often compares tea with the subtle nuances attributed to wine. “Tea, like fine wine, can complement a meal and enrich any social occasion”, she says. “The rich history of tea as a valuable addition to any fine cuisine has long been known and practiced on virtually every continent, but sadly has been lost in our modern “coffee through the take out window’ culture.” She is an avid proponent of rediscovering tea as a way of instilling some restorative personal time back into our overactive lifestyle. “Tea service in fine hotels and tea rooms is becoming popular again”, she explains. “People are rediscovering the healthful benefits and calming ability of sitting with friends or family over cups of steaming tea and finding the time for relaxed interaction”.

After years of serving guests, including royalty in the prestigious Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World, Patricia has seen the interest in tea and its various qualities blossom. “People want to understand the difference between a Chai, English Breakfast, and a Green tea. They want to return to a simpler time when tea was an important part of our culture”, she says. Patricia is now dedicating her efforts toward enabling others to understand the wondrous and varied qualities of tea and helping them to spread the good word.

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