Certified Master Tea Host Course™
Final Examination


    If serving tea at a tea party or high tea, lemons should always be in wedges, not in slices.

    What should you never add to tea that has lemon in it?

    What is a tea slop basin?

    Why is it more appropriate to say you “drink tea” instead of you “take

    The spout of the tea pot and tea kettle should face where?

    If you are at a formal tea party, it is proper to keep your gloves on while drinking tea.


    The same good tea can be used to make as many as 6 small pots or cups of tea. But green tea has a different composition. How many cups or pots can you make with one single amount of green tea?

    The origins of tea are believed to be in what country?

    Which foods will be included in a “cream tea”?

    What is added to transform a regular high tea into a “royal tea”?

    A ploughman’s tea (or farmer’s tea) was hearty and included meat pies, cheeses and fruits. During what time of day was a ploughman’s tea held?

    Traditionally a tea cup holds 6 ounces.


    What one ingredient should always be included in a traditional English trifle, which is often served at high tea?

    If you are sitting at a table, what should you do with the saucer when you are sipping tea?

    It is proper etiquette to hold your pinky in the air while bringing your teacup to your mouth for a sip.