2014 Oriental Beauty Ltd. Edition

2014 Oriental Beauty Ltd. EditionThe story goes that Queen Elizabeth II named this tea after becoming enamored of its regal character. The singular plum-sweet flavor of a proper Bai Hao—white tip—oolong originates before plucking. When a green leafhopper insect nibbles on the tender buds of the tea plant, the split in the leaf lets it oxidize while still growing.  Because the lush, fruity flavors depend on the leafhopper’s visit to the gardens, this tea is exceptionally difficult to harvest in consistent volume year by year.

This is the very same tea that judges cupped in competitions in both Taiwan and at the 2015 North American Tea Championships.  This is a rare chance to add a first place winner to your profile.

The nose treats your senses to the aroma of pressed rose petals mingled with a dash of orange peel.  Tasting notes are multi-layered, beginning with a sweet combination of spiced dates and apricot.  The fruitiness segues into a honeyed after-taste that lingers for up to a minute.

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